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Sandbag training has definitely existed for some time, but it is possible that it was only in the last century that it was acknowledged as a valid type of fitness training. There are multiple reports of sandbags being used for controlled practice as early as the 1890s, most prominently by Indian fighters. They are still being used by combative professionals currently, but more individuals, regardless of sport, are acknowledging the sandbag as a genuine strength training item.


In a nutshell, the answer to that is yes. A workout sandbag is an excellent tool for anybody wishing to improve their strength and endurance. Sandbag training is ideal for a range of workout regimens, whether you're initiating a healthy lifestyle, taking part in weightlifting, or are even a fitness fanatic.

So, what makes the sandbag workout bag such an excellent tool to add to your workout equipment? The adaptability it provides is a significant difference. Since the bag is loaded with sand, it changes continually, putting technique and stamina to test.


Numerous physical experts adopt a sandbag workout due to its wide range of benefits, including building grip strength, life-like applications, sturdy mental capabilities, and more. If you're considering adding a sandbag into your workout plan, these are the top five advantages of sandbag training.


The sandbag is a genuine and practical item. It may be used to depict another individual, which is ideal for anybody participating in combat sports and individuals in the armed forces, firefighters, police, and various other jobs.


Sandbag fitness is challenging to deal with. While practice might help you create a more effective lifting method, the sandbag will always penalize weak methodology. In addition, it's uncomfortable, and the weight is continuously altering — all of this combines up to a considerable task, even for expert users.


Sandbag training improves both physical and mental fitness. A sandbag is one of the few items that may easily damage an athlete's body.  In truth, just putting the sandbag into a specific position or switching between workouts is difficult. However, this significantly improves mental fortitude.


You can't lift a sandbag until you strengthen your gripping abilities. In essence, this is the first thing that many new learners observe. A sandbag training also counts as a grip exercise. This contributes to the sandbag's usefulness as a teaching instrument.


It is critical to building skill and strength in all three movement domains (sagittal, transverse, and frontal). This is a crucial aspect of exercise for athletics and daily living and for injury prevention and overall structural fitness.

Aside from mobility in various planes of movement, it's also vital to think about "straining" those planes. The sandbag's persistently off-centre burden strains the muscles in a truly multi-planar way.


Don't assume you can manage a specific weight whenever you start exercising with a sandbag. If you wonder what is the ideal weight for appropriate sandbag training, it varies on your fitness level, but most individuals can lift roughly 50% less load than they might with a barbell.

If you can bench-press or raise a barbell averaging 50 kg, you should probably start with only a 25 kg sandbag. It is recommended that starters try out the weights that they can accomplish for up to 20 reps.


  • Novice Sandbag Exercise 1

Finish as quickly as possible. Males should strive for a 25 kg sandbag, while females should shoot for a 15kg sandbag.

  1. 800m run – 1 round
  2. Sandbag Press and Clean – 30 repetitions each round
  3. Jog – 1 x 800m round


  • Hop, Pull, and Push – Novice Sandbag Exercise 2

Perform all of the circuit's routines before moving on to the next round. Males should strive for a 25 kg sandbag, while females should shoot for a 15 kg sandbag.

  1. Sandbag High Pulls - 3 rounds of 25 repetitions each.
  2. Sandbag Push Press (three rounds of 25 repetitions)
  3. Sandbag Shouldering — three rounds of 25 repetitions.


  • Sandbag Milo Method - Novice Sandbag Exercise 3

Milo of Croton inspired and influenced this workout routine, a Greek fighter who lived in the sixth century B.C. Fill a handle-less sandbag with sand equal to 25 to 50 percent of your body weight. Execute a simple ground-to-overhead lift. Continue to do so daily.

  • Sandbag Fundamentals

The following are the essential exercises that should be included in every sandbag training session:

  1. Sandbag Cleaning and Pressing
  2. Shouldering Sandbags
  3. Sandbag Bear Hug Load Carry 
  4. Sandbag Overhead Press

These basic motions will provide you with a solid base of physical conditioning. Moreover, they all include the best of what the sandbag does have to offer.

  • Advanced Sandbag Workouts

The expert sandbag workouts listed below can help more seasoned sandbag trainers improve their bag skills. Daily exercise will also help you develop physical strength, dexterity, and a tight grip. Here are a few advanced sandbag training workouts to try:

  1. Sandbag Windmill
  2. Sandbag Bear Hug Squat
  3. Sandbag Overhead Walking Lunge
  4. Sandbag Get Up


While body type, food, and various other factors influence how an individual appears, there are a couple of crucial qualities that competitors who practice with sandbags demonstrate.


Handling a sandbag creates an incredible grip, notably if you use handle-less bags. The grip is not just for wrists, hands, and forearms; Zercher grips, bear hug, and shoulder all use a variety of clenching muscles. If your activity or everyday life necessitates a sturdy hold, you should practice with sandbags.


Sandbag lifting produces extremely powerful legs, backs, and shoulders. Although creating an effective sandbag lifting technique is achievable, it is not the same as a power or Olympic lift. The sandbag simply does not permit you to use the same biomechanics.  Whenever things get rough, you'll have to dig deep and work extra hard.


Lifting a continually moving item, such as a sandbag, develops and strengthens your anchoring muscles in ways that few other exercises do. The poise and control necessary to carry a hefty sandbag overhead cannot be underestimated. Sandbag lifting daily helps to develop strong, steady skeletal muscles.


Like other training items, the sandbag may be used as a weight alternative for typical resisting options such as dumbbells, barbells, or kettlebells. In addition, you may perform basic strength workouts like Wendler 5-3-1 or Starting Strength with a sandbag. The sandbag is ideal for squats and lunges, deadlifts, and presses. However, if that's all you really do with the sandbag, you are skipping out on the most important advantages of this practice.

The sandbag is a shaky, uncomfortable weight with a built-in imbalance. The greater the distance between the weight and your centre of gravity, the more difficult it will be to stabilize. As a result, workouts like the sandbag deadlift lack the intrinsic instability aspect. Our advice is to concentrate on various unusual sandbag workouts that aren't generally as successful with standard resistance equipment. 


Sandbags are available in a range of shapes, colours, and configurations. They might or might not include handles, as previously said - their purpose being enhanced mobility and handling. Weightlifter sandbags are made without a grip to provide a more incredible grip difficulty. When selecting sandbag weights, make sure it meets your exercise goals and performance goals.

  • How do I know which type of sandbag to use?

Durability is one of the most important factors to consider when purchasing a sandbag. The finest sandbag features a tight seal to prevent sand leakage or dust mites from slipping out. Also, seek a robust zipper, ideally one that is covered in cloth so that it does not scrape into your flesh. A material such as long-lasting nylon is required for the lifetime and sturdiness of any workout sandbag.

  • How much weight should I put on my sandbags for exercise?

That is among the most commonly requested elements by customers seeking a workout sandbag. The answer will be determined by your degree of fitness, so choose a weight bag that can support your current and projected objectives. Getting a training sandbag large enough to carry 25 kg might be advantageous since you can adjust its fill level whenever your strength and conditioning improve.


We've addressed a lot of material on fitness sandbags and really hope it's helpful to you if you're interested in sandbag training. This post has provided you with a complete analysis of athletic sandbags, including who may use sandbags, a few of the sandbag advantages, suggested sandbag routines, and frequently asked questions.

Our Next Alpha Sandbag is the ideal functional fitness equipment for improving your technique and skills in various areas. Try it for yourself and see the difference.

Indah de Zwart
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