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August 13, 2023 5 min read


CrossFit, which is known for its utilitarian and tough workouts, continues to draw fitness enthusiasts who want to push their limitations. Sandbag workouts have gained popularity among the various training regimens utilised in CrossFit due to their adaptability and efficiency. In this blog post, we'll explain the advantages of introducing sandbag workouts into your CrossFit regimen, the benefits of using exercise sandbags with handles, and the numerous alternatives for filling your sandbag to customise your training experience.


  1. Sandbag Workout for CrossFit: Benefits
  • Functional Strength: Sandbag workouts demand the activation of stabiliser muscles, simulating natural movements seen in daily activities and sports. This results in increased functional strength that can be applied in real-life situations. Sandbag squats, lunges, and cleans all work many muscular groups at the same time.
  • Flexibility: Sandbag workouts provide a variety of exercise possibilities, such as squats, lunges, cleans, presses, and more. You may use workout sandbags to target different muscle areas and adjust the effort to suit your fitness level. Sandbags can be used for both strength and conditioning exercises.
  • Increased Stability and Core Strength: The shifting weight of a sandbag tests your balance and core stability, resulting in increased proprioception and total body control. Sandbag training is very excellent in building a strong and sturdy core, which is required for many CrossFit moves.
  • Mental Toughness: Because of the unexpected nature of shifting sand, sandbag training requires mental attention and adaptability, assisting you in developing mental resilience, a valuable asset in CrossFit and beyond. Accepting the challenge of sandbag workouts might help you develop your mental fortitude throughout difficult training sessions.
  1. Workout Sandbags with Handles: The Advantages
  • Improved grasp: Workout sandbag handles provide a more firm and pleasant grasp during exercises, avoiding slippage and allowing for improved sandbag control. This improved grip is especially useful during high-intensity workouts, when exhaustion can reduce grip strength.
  • Exercise Variety: Handles enhance your exercise options by allowing movements such as farmer's carries, rows, and others that are difficult to achieve with regular sandbags. With the addition of handles to your sandbag, you can target certain muscle areas and develop a well-rounded training programme. 
  • Dynamic Movements: The handles make it possible to perform dynamic movements such as rotating exercises and swings, which engage multiple muscle groups and give diversity to your workouts. These dynamic motions promote functional strength and agility, which immediately translates into improved performance in CrossFit workouts.
  • Ease of Transport: Handles make it easy to carry and transport the sandbag around the gym or outdoor training areas, enabling a smooth transition between exercises. This portability allows you to maximise your workout time while maintaining a raised heart rate during interval training.


  1. What to Fill Your Workout Sandbag With

The filling for your workout sandbag is critical in customising the intensity of your session. Here are some common alternatives:

  • Sand: Sand is a traditional and readily available weight that can be adjusted to suit your fitness level. Make sure the sand is clean and dry to avoid moisture buildup, which could harm the sandbag's durability.
  • Rubber Mulch or Shredded Rubber: These materials have a somewhat softer feel than sand, which reduces the danger of abrasion and makes them ideal for indoor use. When the sandbag is dropped, the rubber inserts attenuate the noise.
  • Steel Shot or Metal BBs: Steel shot or metal BBs can be used for a more compact and dense filling. These fillings are especially advantageous for workouts that need a high level of intensity and stability.
  • Rice or Rice Hulls: For a low-cost and lightweight option, fill the sandbag with rice or rice hulls. However, these fillings may be less robust and give less stability than denser fillings over time.
  • Mix and Match: Experiment with different filling combinations to create the ideal weight and texture. For example, combining sand and rubber mulch can create a good weight-to-comfort ratio.


  1. Next Alpha Workout Sandbags with Adjustable Weight Bags - 5-25 KG
  • Unique Design: The Next Alpha Workout Sandbags have a distinct design that sets them apart. These sandbags suit to varied fitness levels and progression with adjustable weight bags ranging from 5 to 25 KG. These sandbags are customizable to your strength and training goals, whether you are a novice or an established athlete.
  • Handles for Enhanced Functionality: The Next Alpha Workout Sandbags have durable handles that allow you to conduct a variety of workouts with ease. The handles provide a tight grip for easy transitions between exercises, from traditional lifts to dynamic movements.
  • Metal Crumbs for Optimal Weight: The sandbags are loaded with metal crumbs, which creates a compact and dense filling that promotes stability throughout exercises. The metal fragments help reduce moving within the sandbag, ensuring even weight distribution.
  • Long-lasting and durable: Made of high-quality materials, the Next Alpha Workout Sandbags are built to survive tough training sessions. These sandbags will last for years, whether you use them in the gym or outside.



Incorporating sandbag workouts into your CrossFit training will help you reach new heights in your fitness journey. Sandbag training benefits, such as increased functional strength, stability, and mental toughness, are perfectly aligned with the key principals of CrossFit. Furthermore, workout sandbags with handles provide additional benefits such as enhanced grip, dynamic exercise possibilities, and portability, making them a wonderful tool for different and tough workouts.

There are numerous choices for filling your training sandbag. Whether you choose with sand, rubber mulch, steel shot, or rice, each filling has unique properties that may be tailored to your exercise objectives and preferences. You may also mix and match contents to tailor the weight and texture of your sandbag to your unique training requirements.

The Next Alpha Workout Sandbags with Adjustable Weight Bags - 5-25 KG provide unrivalled simplicity and performance for individuals looking for a creative and customizable solution. These sandbags appeal to workout aficionados of all levels, with adjustable weight bags, durable handles, and metal crumbs for optimal weight distribution, allowing you to grow and challenge yourself over time. 

Remember to focus on good form and technique as you begin your sandbag training adventure to maximise the benefits while minimising the chance of injury. Consulting with an experienced coach or trainer can help you develop a well-rounded sandbag workout programme that complements your CrossFit training.

Sandbag workouts can be a wonderful addition to your training plan, whether you're a seasoned CrossFit competitor or a newbie trying to add variation to your fitness routine. Accept the dynamic, difficult, and utilitarian character of sandbag exercises, and watch as your CrossFit strength, stability, and mental fortitude soar to new heights. Prepare to take on the challenge of sandbag workouts and watch your general fitness and CrossFit ability improve dramatically!

Imanuel Reza Setyo
Imanuel Reza Setyo

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