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Next Alpha Sandbag Workout Bag - Adjustable Weight Bags For Training 5-25KG

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Next Alpha Sandbag is a functional fitness equipment for full-body workouts.

If you're really looking to intensify your workout, you can toss, grip, swing and hurl the Next Alpha Sandbag workout bag. Make no mistake, a 25kg weighted bag is not the same as a 25kg barbell. Lifting this unstable weight is perfect for compound movements like deadlifts, squats, russian twists and many more workouts. It is a well known strength training equipment for all fitness levels.

Benefits & Features For Our Fitness Sandbag

  • ADJUSTABLE WEIGHT 5-25KG - Our gym sandbags come with 5 x 5KG weighted filler bags 4 x 0KG filler bags. Each filler bag will be either 5KG or 0KG. Therefore, the fitness bag's weight can be adjusted between 5-25KG. The 0KG filler bag ensures the weight will not shift during your workout.
  • REINFORCED HANDLES - It can be very frustrating if you have bad grip on your strength training bag. These reinforced handles ensure a strong grip strength for all fitness levels. The handles will not break easily and this fitness equipment will last for years.

  • PREMIUM EVA FOAM - A 30mm shock absorbing EVA foam layer is the base construction of the Next Alpha sandbag workout bag. This solid layer ensures the perfect cilinder shape in contrast to competitors pearl foam. Additionally, the filler bag fits perfectly in the cilinder shape construction. This will give the user a premium quality feeling when adjusting the sandbag weight.

  • SAND BAGS FILLED - All our power bags are included with 25KG metal crumbs. These big crumbs do not leak through the stitches in contrast to competitor's sandbags that leak sand.

  • REINFORCED ZIPPER - The Next Alpha fitness bag is reinforced with a metal zipper and 3 additional velcro patches. This keeps the filler bags in place and prevent the sandbag from ripping.


1-Year Warranty

At Next Alpha, we offer a free 1-year warranty on our fitness equipment. This means that if your product breaks down or something goes wrong, we will repair, replace or reduce the price of a new one, free of charge.


EAN - Green camouflage: 6094139251260
EAN - White: 6094133779739

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