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Next Alpha Battle Rope - 30mm/50mm, 9m/12m/15m - Battle Rope Protector - Wall Anchor

Size Guide

Next Alpha Battle Rope is a functional training equipment used to increase strength and endurance.

If you're looking into high intensity, cardio smashing battle rope exercises, the 35mm diameter battle rope is recommended. This battle rope allow you to go hard and maintain a solid grip. This equipment will perfectly fit into a circuit workout. If it is stamina and muscle building you're after, the 50mm rope is for you. This battle rope is 35% bigger than the 38mm width ropes and require a stronger grip. The overall battle rope length is 9m, 12m, or 15m. Shorter ropes are less fluid, but can be used in smaller spaces. 

Benefits & Features Of Our Battle Rope

    The nylon protective cover is a great battle rope protector. Most battle ropes are frequently used indoor & outdoor but are not durable enough. With the nylon cover, your battle rope will definitely not fray easily and last for years.

  • EXTRA WALL ANCHOR INCLUDED - A bonus wall mount is included with each Next Alpha Battle Rope for free. You can use this wall or floor anchor for fixing your battle rope on a center point. This comes including the bolts as seen in the product photo.

  • WORKOUT INSTRUCTION POSTER - The Next Alpha Battle Rope comes including a large poster with battle rope exercises. With these fitness rope workout instructions, you can easily design your battle rope training based on beginner, intermediate or expert level.

  • 3-STRAND TWISTED DESIGN - The synthetic fibers of the battle rope are twined into strands. The 3-strand twisted design is known for its elasticity & tremendous shock absorbing abilities for training ropes.

  • 80% DACRON 20% POLYPROPYLENE - The dacron provides great strength in the outer braid. The polypropylene supports a lightweight core & additional strength. In combination with the protecive cover, this is a strong blend for fluidity and durability.


1-Year Warranty
At Next Alpha, we offer a free 1-year warranty on each battle rope. This means that if your battle rope breaks down or something goes wrong, we will repair, replace or reduce the price of a new battle rope, free of charge.




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