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augustus 08, 2023 4 min read

The bench press is a classic and effective upper-body strength-building exercise that targets the chest, shoulders, and triceps. Weight belts have been a popular accessory among strength enthusiasts for maximising performance and safety during heavy bench presses. Weight belts with chains and velcro closures have gained popularity in recent years as inventive methods to assist lifters during this complex movement. In this blog post, we'll look at the advantages of utilising weight belts for bench press, as well as weight belts with chains and velcro closures, to help you push your bench press to new heights.


  1. The Power of Weight Belts for Bench Press
  • Added Stability and Safety: The primary role of a weight belt during a bench press is to offer stability and support to your core and lower back. Wearing a weight belt helps stabilise your spine when you load up the barbell with big weights, lowering the chance of injury and guaranteeing good form. This stability is especially important while lifting near your limit.
  • Improved Performance: Using a weight belt, you can improve force transmission from your upper to lower body, allowing you to produce more power and lift heavier weights during the bench press. Over time, this improved performance can lead to significant strength improvements, allowing you to break through plateaus and create new personal records.
  • Confidence Boost: Weight belts can provide a psychological advantage by creating confidence in your abilities to lift hefty objects. The mental certainty that you have additional support might boost your attention and determination, influencing your bench press performance positively. As you gain confidence, you may be more inclined to push yourself and strive for higher accomplishments in your workouts.


  1. Weight Belts with Chains: A Dynamic Addition to Your Bench Press
  • Adjustable Resistance: Weight belts with chains provide adjustable resistance, allowing you to tailor the load to your specific training objectives and strength level. You may adjust the weight by adding or removing links, making it a versatile instrument for gradual overload. Because of this adaptability, you can challenge your muscles in a variety of rep ranges, from heavy, low-rep sets to lighter, higher-rep sets. 
  • Dynamic Accommodation: The chain design allows the weight to move and adjust as you complete the bench press, supporting natural fluctuations in your strength throughout the activity. This dynamic accommodation exercises your muscles over their entire range of motion, encouraging the development of more balanced and useful strength. As a result, your ability to regulate and stabilise the weight during the bench press will improve.
  • Functional Training Tool: Weight belts with chains can be utilised for more than only the bench press; they can also be used for dips and pull-ups. The chains present a distinct challenge to your core and stabiliser muscles, improving total functional strength. You can enhance the stability and strength needed for numerous sports and daily tasks by including chain-loaded workouts into your training plan.


  1. Weight Belts with Velcro Closures: Secure and Convenient Support
  • Weight belts with velcro closures provide a personalised fit, ensuring the belt remains snug and secure during your bench press. The velcro fastening makes it simple to alter the tightness to your liking, providing comfort and support. This tailored fit keeps the belt from sliding or moving during your lifts, resulting in continuous and dependable support.
  • Velcro weight belts are well-known for their simplicity and ease of usage. With no buckles or intricate fastenings, these belts are easy to put on and take off, making them an excellent choice for effective workouts. This ease of use is especially useful during tough training sessions when you need to fluidly shift between activities.
  • Velcro weight belts are frequently made of lightweight fabrics, making them convenient to carry and take to the gym or training venue. Their portability guarantees that you have consistent support during your bench press exercises no matter where you travel. Furthermore, its lightweight design allows for easy wear without feeling burdensome or constricting.



The bench press is a fundamental exercise for developing upper-body strength, and weight belts have evolved into useful aids for improving performance and safety during this action. Adding a weight belt to your bench press practise can take your lifting to the next level, whether you choose weight belts with chains for adjustable resistance and dynamic adaptability or weight belts with velcro closures for secure and handy support. 

While weight belts can provide useful assistance, they should not be used in place of correct training techniques and form. Before integrating weight beltsinto your training, always prioritise creating a strong foundation of strength and technique. You may confidently tackle hefty bench presses with the appropriate method and the help of a weight belt, making great steps in your strength and overall fitness journey. Accept the power of weight belts and use them to raise your bench press to attain the strength and results you want. Good luck with your lifting!

Imanuel Reza Setyo
Imanuel Reza Setyo

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