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November 21, 2021 3 min read

What does a dipping belt do?

Are you considering doing weighted dips or pull ups? Then you might want to consider wearing a dipping belt. The dip belt helps you to add weight to your body weighted workouts while keeping your hands free.

You may have seen people at the gym using a dip belt with weights. Perhaps you already tried one. But why should you do dip belt weight training? How do dip belts work? Lets look into how dipping belts improve your workout.



Having a dipping belt belt wrapped arround you will give you reassurance to do a body weight workout with additional weight. Increasing your confidence makes a difference between failing reps or pushing beyond a point of failing. Mental confidence is very important when you going for heavy weighted body workouts.


Weighted body workouts

To help better understand how a dipping belt works we should look at how you add weight to your weighted dip belts.

Bodyweight exercises are extremely effective and training them will increase your base of strength and muscle mass. Nonetheless, at a certain point, these workouts become too easy. To further increase strength and muscle mass additional weight is needed. A weighted dip belt is a great solution to add additional weight for workouts as dips and chin ups. The alternative way is to stack plates on your body or hold a dumbell between your feet. You probably already understand that you are very limited in your mobility and exercise options without a dip belt.


How to set up your dipping belt?

It is very easy to equip a dipping belt for your workouts. To do so, you need to un-clip the mettal chain, wrap the weight belt around your waist, put the chain through a weight plate (or other weights), then re-clip the chain to the belt. You can simply use weight plates, kettlebells, or dumbells. Whenever using a dumbell, make sure you wrap the chain around the dumbell severall times to prevent it from falling.


Benefits of using a dip belt

Triceps, chest, and shoulders development– Including weighted dips in your workout routine is important for develiping your chest. Your triceps and front shoulders will also be targeted, therefore weighted dips also develop those muscles. Because this is a body weight workout, doing dips without extra weight can become easy in time. To keep developing those muscles, you will want to add weight.

Biceps and back development – Pull ups and Chest to bars are a great method to develop your biceps and back muscles. These body weighted workouts will become easy after a while. In order to keep developing these muscles, additional weight with a weighted pull up belt will be required.

Strength gains –The dipping belt is a good tool to increase strength because of the extra pressure you and your body needs to adapt to whenever you add more weight to a workout like weighted chin ups.


Where to buy a dip belt?

Our Next Alpha Weight lifting Belt & Dip Belt Combination will get you both a powerbelt and dipping belt for heavier lifts while increasing stability and preventing injury. By choosing this belt combination, you can save both space and money. Justifying the price tag.

At Next Alpha we dedicate ourselves to improving functional fitness equipments. No matter your fitness level or interests, you're sure to find a use for the weightlifting and dip belt combination. Buy your weightlifting and dip belt at Next Alpha.

imanuel reza
imanuel reza

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